Back to the Gym: Sketch Dump


I’ve recently returned to drawing, and I’ve been attending a weekly drawing workshop. It’s starting to feel like my old drawing muscles are coming back. Here’s a dump of some recent sketches:

sketch1 I got a cheap brush pen and have been using it to sketch. Here’s a 20 minute sketch of St. Edith Stein. (With red crayon background.)

sketch4I’m also teaching art to my kids, and this is a 10 minute demo sketch drawing from a photo of Charles Darwin.

From my workshop drawings. I did this one with a flat piece of compressed charcoal, making the drawing strokes almost brush-like. 20 minute sketch.

drawr3With this drawing, I toned the paper first with vine charcoal and used a kneaded eraser to make some highlights. 20 minute sketch.

sketch320 minute pencil sketch of an old master drawing.

sketch2 A 20 minute brush pen sketch of my son’s favorite monster. I gave it to him to embellish with his own drawings.

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